The Frogs & Mice Are Back!

The Frogs & Mice Are Back!

The winter months are coming to a close and you might have noticed your cheese has gone missing. Maybe the edges of your clothes are looking a bit gnawed. Maybe you’ve been down to the pond and noticed a plop out the corner of your eye. It’s cause the Frogs and Mice are back! Boom – buddy cop pose!

Frog and Mouse

Coming to a cinema near you!

So leave out your breadcrumbs, your lily-pads, your walnut-husks – our rodent and ophidian armourers will be hard at work fashioning weapons. But why are our Frogs and Mice at war – what’s this conflict all about?

Well, a tragedy has struck Bread Nibbler, king of the mice, and he knows who’s to blame: the frogs. So with a war coming to the pond, which side will you pick?


This was the absolute stretch of my photoshop skills; forgive me.

The battle will be taking place throughout March and April. The first skirmishes will be at Pickled Pepper Bookshop in Crouch End at 10.30am on Saturday 16th March and Saturday 23rd March (get your tickets here). It’s an absolutely beautiful new theatre venue in the back of a children’s book shop (Goals!) so we’ll try to convince the Frogs and Mice to keep the destruction to a minimum. No promises, though.

Pickled Pepper Picture

Pickled Pepper Bookshop (10 Middle Lane, Crouch End, London, N8 8PL)

Then our next froggy fracas and rodent ruckus will be at Draper Hall in Elephant and Castle on April 14th – we’ll have more details about that soon; our frogs and mice spies are currently trying to work out how to storm this ‘Castle’ and whether the ‘Elephant’ might prove a valuable ally. Keep your ears clear and your eyes peeled!


Elephants worked out pretty well for Hannibal

To buy tickets (£8.50) for the first clashes at Pickled Pepper Bookshop click here. Also check out the other shows they’ve got going on in the next few weeks and months; they look brilliant. To find out more about The Battle of Frogs and Mice and read some of our lovely five star professional reviews and  audience testimonials, click here. Or just keep watch of our social media, and its steady stream of A-grade, top quality, definitely-not-heavily-meme-orientated content. And lastly, if you want to have read some blogs about our very favourite things in theatre and the Ancient World, just scroll down the main page!

Hopefully we’ll see you on the battlefield, and remember: