Our Work

The Needle’s Art

As part of The Needle’s Art exhibition taking place at the Bodleian Libraries (20/11/21 – 30/01/22), we have performed and filmed six stories (three short etymological stories and three full-length narrative stories). The exhibition is a display of contemporary embroidery produced by the students of Ornamental Embroidery and inspired by the 16th century Tudor pattern book, MS. Ashmole 1504, containing stylized pictures of trees, plants and animals.

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The Battle of Frogs and Mice

Sound the war-croak, sharpen every claw – the frogs and mice are going to war!
A tragedy has struck Bread Nibbler, king of the mice, and everyone knows who’s to blame: the frogs. Now a battle is coming to the pond and it’s time to pick a side: will you fight for the frogs or the mice? Originally told as an introduction to epic poetry for the children of Ancient Greece, join us as our storytellers guide you through an interactive adaptation of this tale, using traditional storytelling, improvised music and toy-box puppetry.
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