Thank You!

Thank You!

‘So back to Mount Helicon the Muses ascend // Our tale of Frogs, Mice and Gods, has come to an end!’

On 26th August, at the Cockpit Theatre, we performed The Battle of Frogs and Mice for our final Summer engagement. We had a lovely, supportive audience with two younger members particularly keen to get up on stage and show our cast how froggy movements are really done.

We want to take this pause to do two things. First of all, to recover – half of us have come down with Fringe Flu! And second of all, to thank everyone who has made this show happen:

First and foremost, to the members of Helicon Storytelling’s Collective – that is our amazing storytellers Ally Rooms, Howard Horner, Louise Farnall and Will Mead, and our incredible musicians Anna Gibbs, Charlotte Barbour-Condini, Sam Hoppen and David Denyer. Your commitment to the performance has been tireless and we could not be prouder or more appreciative!

To Tippi Wilson and Fay Rusted for making many of our lovely costumes.

To Caspar Cech-Lucas, our in-house dramaturg and all-round consultant, for his help with every part of Helicon, both on and off stage!

To our other visitors to the rehearsal room, happy to give their advice and feedback – Oli Marsh and Jack Tivey!

To the staff at Assembly Edinburgh, and in particular, Assembly Roxy, our venue, who were absolutely lovely, and on hand to help at any moment – especially our technician Danny, and marketing guru Alberto!

To the staff at the Cockpit Theatre for their help with our Camden Fringe shows.

To Lynn, Tony and Tim Hulse for their help, and willingness to loan out their sitting room as rehearsal space for almost three months straight.

To Mischa Frankl-Duval for his gorgeous rehearsal shots.

And last but certainly not least, to everyone who came to see the show in Edinburgh and Camden – that is families, children, reviewers, friends – everyone! Storytelling cannot exist without an audience, and we could not have asked for groups of people more kind and willing to get involved!

Although that’s our last performance of The Battle of Frogs and Mice for the summer season, it is not the end of the show – no, we’ve got lots planned! Keep an eye on our social media for some announcements soon and remember to check back regularly for our blog; we promise we’ll do our best to return it to being weekly.