Fringe Countdown!

Fringe Countdown!

Hello! Like all well-meaning creatives taking on too much we regret to say we have been rather neglecting our blog lately! But that is just because we’ve been so busy getting our debut show, The Battle of Frogs and Mice ready for both the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the Camden Fringe! We’re heading to Edinburgh in just a few weeks but here are some of the things we’ve been doing behind the scenes.

We had a fantastic weekend rehearsing with our good friend and in-house dramaturg Caspar Cech-Lucas. Caspar is a facilitator and all round good guy – and he’s a lover of the ancient world to boot! He also has some background in Kids shows at the Fringe, having co-created and directed UCLU Runaground’s The Jabberwocky at ZOO Venues in 2015, which achieved well deserved 4 and 5 star reviews. Caspar put us back in touch with the elements and helped us out with some froggy and mousey physicality, including tidying our rooms as those critters! Great fun, and hopefully you will see the results of Caspar’s help in the show…


We are occasionally found rehearsing in the parks and green spaces of London – have you seen us out on Hampstead Heath or Regents Park? It’s a great way to try out material in front of a willing crowd – and the local parents seem to enjoy the entertainment as much as the kids!

Our Costume designers, Tippi Wilson and Fay Rusted have been busy too, with trips to the fabric markets and sewing machines going at top speed to produce some gorgeous, classically inspired costumes. We’ve got everything from Chitons (the classical dress of Ancient Greek ladies) to Tunics and Frog-and Mouse-inspired waistcoats. It’s not just the actors they are clothing either. The puppets have demanded armour for their big debut and we have indulged them. Check out that tiny mail coat! Some more puppets have joined our team, making our motley crew complete.


Finally, we were over the moon when our Publicity Materials arrived! Yes, flyers and posters are just waiting to be handed out on the streets of Edinburgh. Are you coming to the festival? You can catch us between the 6th and 19th August @16:10 in Assembly Roxy, not far from the Royal Mile. Buy tickets here!

Alternatively if you’re not lucky enough to be down in Edinburgh this year, worry not. We are performing at the Camden Fringe on the 24th and 26th August! We’re on at Marylebone’s premium venue, The Cockpit. Buy tickets here!

That’s all for now, but keep an eye on our social media for updates as we hit the 2 week countdown until our first shows… See you there!